Moderate Rebels Who Are Thugs Now!

Saturday 19 October 19 - 14:50

Since the beginning of the Turkey’s operation in east of Euphrates, there are many stories about it, but one of the interesting ones is about the forces and militants known as the ‘Syrian National Army'(SNA) whom doing the job in east of Euphrates on behalf of Turkey.

‘Syrian National Army’ militants, which cover a wide range of so-called moderate groups of the Free Syrian Army(FSA) and Salafi-Takfiri groups, are also called ‘Turkish-Backed Free Syrian Army'(TFSA) due to vast support they receive from Turkey.

In recent week a large number of US. officials objected Turkey in using of these proxy militia to attack Syria. A senior US. official told reporters about the proxy force Turkey is relying on as part of its Syria invasion: “They could have used Turkish regular troops,… Instead they decided to use these thugs & bandits & pirates that should be wiped off the face of the earth!”

These controversial words by Americans are while the very same groups of these “thugs and bandits and pirates” have been selected, trained, armed, supported and financed by the US and they were addressed as moderate rebels by Americans for the last 8 years!
An example of this is Al-Hamza Division. In recent years USA spent spent $500 million to train and arm the so-called moderate rebels and the group is now fighting Kurds in Syria under Turkey’s flag.

Another ridiculous point is that these terrorist groups which are fed by the US. in the past years, now are fighting against Kurds! The Kurds such as Syrian Democratic Forces(SDF), YPG and PKK terrorists who were selected, trained, armed, supported and financed by the US. in previous years too!

Now in north of Syria, groups trained and supported by USA are fighting each other.

Isn’t USA policies about people of the region not obvious? Isn’t the truth obvious? It is vivid that USA is not after human rights but after fulfilling its interests and imperialist goals in the region and a pity for the souls who sacrificing themselves for the US goals!

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  1. Irishman says:

    I think to be fair Trump has renounced the Rumsfeld/Cebrowski doctrine. That explains why he has ordered the US forces out of Syria, (not completely). This was made possible by the firing of John Bolton. Trump may survive this but I would not be surprised if he met the same fate as Kennedy. He is also obstructed at every turn by the deep state and by another small West Asian state which will remain nameless but I’m sure you all know which state it is.

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