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Another Major Move by Ansar Allah in Northwest of Yemen
Middle East, News, Yemen 21 October 2019

ISWNews Analysis Group: According to local sources, Ansar Allah could reclaim Samud mountain, Al-Batul, Hutaymi, Mutjarif, Qamamah, boyut Jilan, Malahit, Sabah, Mobile, Tappa Abu Ali, Qayadah, Shabakah, Zuwayb crossroad, Dhahr al-Hamar, Safiyah and Tahliyah from Saudi coalition in north of Hajjah and Saadah fronts.

They also claim Ansar Allah has captured tens of Saudi coalition troops and plunders and destroying their armored vehicles and equipment, imposing heavy damage to Saudi coalition body.

P.S. ISWNews does not confirm the advances until Yemeni Armed Forces spokesperson officially confirms it.
In the map the direction of engagements are shown.


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سعید says:

Greetings to Ansarullah Yemen