Summary of Sayyed Hassan Nasrollah Regarding Recent Protests of Lebanon

Saturday, 26 October 2019 - 22:45

ISWNews Analysis Group: Sayyed Hasan Nasrollah disclosed some embassies intrigues and civil war in Lebanon.

Sayyed Hassan Nasrollah said:
– I said this movement belongs to people and beyond parties and regions and talks about people’s pain and I said it doesn’t follow any party or embassy.
– Some of noisy media in states of Persian Gulf tried to say I threatened the protesters.
– We asked the protesters not to let any side to influence them.
– The positive outcome of the movement should be kept by all.
– I don’t remember in the history of Lebanon, any government so many plans with deadline were passed, which is an achievement for the movement.
– The government is determined to do its job on time.
– The movement has proved that Lebanese are standing firm and shout their quest.
– We have information that some people want the protesters to be attacked on and fight with them.
– We should collect the demands of poor, jobless people and protesters and consider them as goals of the movement.
– People’s movement has opened a new political door to fight the corruption and reforms.
– Rich people don’t understand pain of hunger and poor.
– We don’t promote government resignation and don’t accept early election.
– We protect the country and won’t protect corrupted ones. We are ready to protect our country until the last drop of blood and strength we have.
– I ask the protesters to open the routes and roads but no one asks you to leave.
– Some parties try to make the situation so the army attacks protesters.
– Do embassies and rich and powerful people, who support the movement financially, want the benefit of Lebanon?
– Do protesters want to replace a corrupted one with another? A weak person with another?
– I ask those who call themselves leaders of the movement to go to Department of Justice and disclose their bank accounts.
– Our information shows that Lebanon is going toward a trap designed by region and international powers.
– Do not believe what embassies say specially US embassy.
– In the domestic situation, Resistance is the strongest party.
– These movements won’t be USA war against Iran.

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