Ali Abdullah Saleh with or against AnsarAllah?

Sunday, 3 December 2017 - 18:11

After Saleh stands against AnsarAllah today and supporting of it in the statement of Saudi alliance, Yemeni Scholars Association in their statement demand immediate ceasefire between Yemeni groups and reunion of all groups in Yemen. AnsarAllah in their statement reject Saleh stand to negotiate with Saudi alliance, saying “Yemen’s enemies trying to destroy Yemen from inside after they could not achieve it by their armies from outside.”

Arab media a few hours after reporting ceasefire between AnsarAllah and Saleh militia, report news regarding heavy fight between two sides in As Siasi neighborhood in south Sana’a. Saudi media also report that south of Sana’a, airport and governmental buildings are in control of Saleh troops while AnsarAllah denies it. On the other hand, security organizations of Yemen claim that Sana’a is safe and there will be strong answer to any fight in specially in As Siyasi neighborhood.

AnsarAllah leader in his second talk says: “I thank our honorable brothers in Yemeni General People’s Congress party who did not participate in fights. We asked from militia and Yemeni General People’s Congress party and party’s leader to act responsibly and wisely so why they do not allow?

We and security organizations are with people and try our best to keep Sana’a safe and secure.

Disturbing the celebration for holy Prophet birth anniversary was hideous but we neglect it.

Militia leader’s talk was about inviting to fight, riots and lies and it was an obvious hostility. While we invited everyone to keep Sana’a safe. Words said by Saleh, militia leader, did not lead to Sana’a safety. He was in accordance with enemies. Instead of using your weapons against Yemeni people, use it against enemies.

Saleh’s talk smells nasty and you do not believe in Yemen Republic! Offensive (Saudi) alliance is happy with your stand and it is same as going back to being hireling and crimes. Saudi alliance statement emphasis the destructive movements of militia in Sana’a. What happened is painful and it is our duty to stop riots and intrigue.”

In the same sense, officials in Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi, resigned government of Yemen, support Saleh militia’s movement and ask people to arise against AnsarAllah.


The following points can be deduced from stands of different sides and news:

  1. The alliance between Saleh and AnsarAllah and other parties is impossible due to Saleh’s stands.
  2. The current situation in Sana’a is similar to events happened in 2012 in Damascus with some differences:

In Damascus, the political chaos was raised by resignation of prime minister “Riyad Farid Hijab” while Syria was attacked by foreign countries and terrorists. In Yemen, this role is played by Saleh. Fights are still going in Sana’a but controlling of governmental buildings by Saleh cannot be confirmed. (Following images are published by media against AnsarAllah and shows the fight and ruling some places.)

In fact, media play a big role in this confrontation!

  1. No doubt that if Saleh separates from Yemeni revolution, it has influences on their power against Saudi alliance not in the sense that they will have less troops but in the sense that some of the power should be used inside Yemen to fight Saleh militia to take back control of cities and areas taken by Saleh.
  2. AnsarAllah who believed before about the dependency of Saleh to UAE and Saudi, now have to fight in two fronts. However, Saleh does not have the same power as in 2005 and AnsarAllah have the support of Yemeni people and parties.

In conclusion, there are three options available for Saleh; one is to change his stands by mediation of Qatar, Yemeni scholars and officials and reunites with AnsarAllah again or joins Saudi alliance which leads him to accept Hadi’s resigned government or in third option, he begins his own movements which reduces his impression in political future of Yemen!

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