Article: Tariq Saleh’s Defeat; Investigating Movement and Activities of Tariq Saleh in Yemen

Tuesday 3 December 2019 - 21:29

Return of deceived Yemeni commanders to AnsarAllah is yet another defeat for the group of remainders of Ali Abdullah Saleh. Return of these commanders without understanding and controlling them can be a Trojan horse as well, for example, Tariq Saleh, who was using this horse, is now diminishing.

Tariq Muhamad Abdullah Saleh Affash, the cousin of Ali Abdullah Saleh (former President of Yemen) was born in 1970 became famous in the war between Saudi coalition against AnsarAllah.
He was commander of Special Guards and two brigades of third Guard and 37th armored until dismiss of Ali Abdullah Saleh and after Ali Abdullah Saleh formed coalition with AnsarAllah, he did not have any position. He was Ali Abdullah Saleh’s hand in politics but after Sanaa’s clashes and after Ali Abdullah Saleh was killed by AnsarAllah, fled to Marib

He was welcomed by Emirati forces in Marib and sent to Aden. Tariq Saleh in Aden constructed a base under support of UAE for immigrants from Sanaa and those who come from AnsarAllah ruled area.
He gathered fleeing forces and tribes loyal to Ali Abdullah Saleh and formed “National Resistance Movement” forces.
He then launched the first operation against AnsarAllah in Taiz and advanced until Khalid ibn Walid base and then along with Mansour Hadi’s, southerners and Saudi coalition’s forces entered battle of al Hudaydah.

National Resistance Movement or Presidential Guard has almost 10 thousand forces and is made of several groups:
1. Former members of Presidential Guards of Ali Abdullah Saleh.
2. Security and army forces separated from Sanaa government.
3. Amaliqah(Giants Brigades) and Tihamah(Tihamah Resistance) forces.
4. Volunteer forces from tribes and towns under resistance of al-Hudaydah, Lahij and Aden.

They receive a heavy blow from AnsarAllah in al-Hudaydah and after recent incidents in north of Saadah were sent to north of Yemen and border of Saudi.
After AnsarAllah’s recent operation “Victory from God” in north of Saadah, the backbone of National Resistance forces is breaking and commanders are generally repenting and going back to Sanaa government.

This can be interpreted in two ways:
A. They act like a Trojan horse and are sent by Saudi coalition to infiltrate inside AnsarAllah for future intrigue.
B. They are returning due to defeats of enemies of AnsarAllah and those who did not believe in presidency of Mansour Hadi are actually returning to AnsarAllah and Yemen’s revolution.

In general Tariq Saleh, in despite of enormous supports of Saudi coalition, could not be effective as expected against AnsarAllah and now by separation of commanders is collapsing.
After the death of Ali Abdullah Saleh that many of his supporters left AnsarAllah, everyone considered AnsarAllah over but we said that time if AnsarAllah stays united from inside they can save the revolution of Yemen and it causes people and groups to join them slowly.

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