Latest Updates on Yemen 3 October 2018; “Death Brigades” in al Hudaydah!

Thursday, 4 October 2018 - 07:01

Latest updates on Frontlines, two sons of Saleh released and third Ansarallah drone attack to UAE.

1. AnsarAllah attacking UAE with UAV for the third time.
Due to Samad-3 UAV attack to Dubai airport in UAE, the flight schedule changed. Among the flights, Bangkok and Paris flights had the maximum delays.
Yemeni Army spokesperson: “We warn investors in Emirates one more time and this country is unsafe as long as it is attacking Yemen. Operation in Jizan coast was a retaliation to attack to Yemeni fishing boats (18 Yemeni martyred). Our drones and missiles attack Dubai as long as they are assaulting Yemen.Our future operations against Saudi Arabia and Emirates will be deeper and more powerful.”


2. Sadaa:
Engagement around Baqem in Tha’ban dam region in southwest of ‘Alab passage, Abwab al Hadid and northern heights of Baqem.
Baqem is under full control of AnsarAllah and repeating claim of the Coalition on claiming it, is not correct.


3. Al Hudaydah:
Engagements in north and southwest of town Durayhimi and AnsarAllah has temporarily broke the siege of Durayhimi from south and east sides.
People’s Committees with help of Kataeb al Mawt (Death Brigades) forces, cancelled Saudi Coalition’s attack in the axis of Kornish and engagements in north of Manzar and square Jamal are still continuing. Kataeb al Mawt in recent days have joined al Hudaydah battlefield.
Saudi Coalition’s operation in Hisseiniya and Beit Faqih has started.
The Coalition asked people of these regions to not cooperate with AnsarAllah and People’s Committees. AnsarAllah has conducted some attacks to Jabalia and west of Tuhayta yesterday.


4. Two sons of Ali Abdullah Saleh (Salah and Madeen) has released from prison with authorization of Mahdi Mashat.

It is said they will be transported to Jordan.

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