Yemen news, Saturday 3rd December 2017

Sunday 3 December 2017 - 19:35

Islamic World News Analysis Group reports: With increasing the riots in Sana’a by Saleh militia, Saudi alliance is attacking Yemen in all fronts.

After repelling Saudi alliance’s attack in northern front i.e. Najran by Yemeni troops yesterday, today compounds of troops of Saudi alliance in Qays Mount, Marwah school, Mu`naq, Kirs, Abadiya, Qaran were under fire of missiles. In the sky of Al Jawf governorate one US UAV was shot down by Yemeni troops.

Today afternoon, Yemeni securities ceased house of an official related to Saleh. It was in As Siasi neighborhood near Saudi embassy.

“images related to ceasing house of an official related to Saleh”

In eastern Sana’a governate, Nahm front, Yemeni troops took control of Salb mountains.

In Sana’a there were fights specially in As Siasi neighborhood until today afternoon. However Ministry of State reported that Sana’a is calm and situation is under control.

In northern Sana’a the unknown condition of airport and after bombing it by Saudi alliance three times, it is reported that it is under the control of Yemeni troops and Arab media news regarding control of the airport by Saleh troop is denied.

AnsarAllah spokesman denied Oman’s mediation between them and Saleh in recent intrigue.


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