Hadi’s forces entered Al Hudaydah governate; Al Khukhah fell

Thursday, 7 December 2017 - 19:22

Islamic World News Analysis Group reports: Al Khukhah city in south of Al Hudaydah governate fell to Hadi’s troops. Southern bank of Al Hudaydah was under heavy bombardment of Saudi alliance fighters in recent days.

Al Khukhah, the first district to be occupied by Hadi’s troops in Al Hudaydah governate in western shores of Yemen. Hadi’s troops after joining Saleh’s troops and with aerial support of Saudi alliance advanced to city.

AnsarAllah’s defenses now are in Hays city.

Hays is in the junction of roads to Zabid from north, to Al Khukhah in west, to Al Hameli (Khalid ibn al-Walid camp triple junction) in south and to Maqbanah in east.



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