Report: 5 Children Were Martyred in al-Hudaydah

Wednesday, 4 December 2019 - 13:34

ISWNews Analysis Group: Five children were martyred in the village of Munqam in Durayhimi district due to Saudi-led forces’ mortar shell explosion.

Names of martyrs:
1. Sayyid Omar Yahya Zaid, 13-year-old
2. Abdullah Masud, 8-year-old
3. Amani Omar Saghir, 7-year-old
4. Abdusalam Abdullah Masud, 7-year-old
5. Morad Ahmad Muhamad Mashroei, 8-year-old

Inhabitants of Durayhimi and surrounding villages resisted the most severe attacks by Saudi coalition during al-Hudaydah battle. Roads to Durayhimi are controlled by Saudi coalition for months and AnsarAllah could barely entered the town. Durayhimi is in crisis and need immediate help from UN.

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