Last Night Incidents in Iraq + Footage
Gallery, Iraq, Media, Middle East, News, Video 07 December 2019

“Know that US today’s sanctions on Iraqi figures close to Iran and discovering missiles ready aiming at Baghdad are not irrelevant to the big project of increasing the tension of western countries for political future of Iraq.
The anger is due to popularity of Marja in Iraq and his leadership and influence on people’s protests, participation of tribes of Najaf and Naseriyah and success of the other opposite in immobilizing street protests.
Naturally, tonight’s incidents are of course attributed to groups and movements close to Iran.” An Iraq political expert said.

There are news from Baghdad that some armed people attacked protesters near al-Sanak bridge.
According to unofficial news, several people were killed and injured in these shootings. These happened while Iraq was experiencing a calmer atmosphere in previous days.

Khalani square in Baghdad, last night.

Outage of electricity in al-Sanak and shooting could be heard.

Footage claimed to show retreat of armed group which opened fire at protesters in al-Khalani square of Baghdad which resulted in martyrdom and injury of several people.


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