Latest Updates on Yemen 2 January 2020

Thursday, 2 January 2020 - 12:00

Latest updates on Yemen fronts and Saudi coalition ceasefire violations in al Hudaydah and Saadah

1. Clashes between Southern Transitional Council forces (STC) and Mansour Hadi’s in Mahfad town, Abyan province.

2. Shooting down spy dorne of Saudi coalition over Daer area, Jizan border by Ansar Allah. This is the fifth Saudi coalition dorne shot down by Ansar Allah in 72 hours.

3. Abdul Qadir Murtadha, head of Ansar Allah prisoners committee, reported that six Saudi prisoners released.

4. Southern Transitional Council suspended collaboration with Riyadh peace committee due to Mansour Hadi’s forces attack to Laqmush tribes in Haban district, between Shabwah and Mahfad provinces.

5. Ceasefire violations by Saudi coalition in al Hudaydah and Saadah:
– Bombing residential areas in 16 km area.
– Artillery bombing al Hudaydah airport by Saudi-led forces.
– Saudi coalition attack to Mughari village in Hays district was repelled.
– Firing five mortars to northeast of Hays district by Saudi-led forces.
– Firing more than 20 rockets to Qarshia area in south of Jah by Saudi-led forces.
– Firing more than 23 rockets to Faza area, Tuhayta district by Saudi-led forces.
– Bombing Durayhimi town by Saudi-led forces.
– Bombing Ansar Allah’s positions in western and eastern Majazah by Saudi coalition fighters.

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