25 May 2019
GNA seized KADDB Al Mared 8×8 armoured vehicle

GNA forces seized a Jordan-made KADDB Al Mared 8×8 armoured personnel carrier from the LNA near the Transportation camp, north of Tripoli Airport.

22 May 2019
LNA Advance in Southern Tripoli

Libyan National Army advanced in north of Tripoli Airport and currently, clashes continue in the Naqilah military camp area.

21 May 2019
The LNA received Jordanian-made al-Mared 8X8 armored vehicles.

This is the first time when this vehicle is deployed in Libya.

19 May 2019
Inefficacious Battles in South of Tripoli!

General Haftar ordered to start the operation in Tripoli on 5 April and his forces reached south of Tripoli after a few relatively easy operations.
It has been weeks since Haftar forces are halted there and only scattered engagements are taking places.

18 May 2019
ISIS Attacks Zila Oil Facility

This morning ISIS attacked the Zuwaytinah oilfields in Zila in center of Libya. According to the ISIS media, 3 persons were killed and 4 others were captured.

11 May 2019
ISIS Attacks Ghaduwwa, Libya

ISIS media released photos of the terrorist group’s attacks on Ghaduwwa in the south of Sabha city.

04 May 2019
Haftar Forces Reclaimed Sabi’ah+Military Map of South of Tripoli

ISNews Analysis Group: Libyan National Army forces could take control of Sabi’ah and Soq al Sabt by repelling back GNA forces.

30 April 2019
Latest Military Updates on Tripoli, Libya; 30 April 2019

ISWNews Analysis Group: Government of National Accord forces advancing in Aziziyah front captured Soq al Sabt and Sabi’ah.

29 April 2019
Latest Updates on Tripoli Battle, 28 April 2019

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Libyan National Army led by Gen. Khalifah Haftar took control of Zatarnah village in south of Tripoli and repelled the GNA attacks in the area.

25 April 2019
Latest Updates on Tripoli Battle, 25 April 2019 + Libya Map

ISWNews Analysis Group: Engagements in south of Tripoli after several days are continuinging without changing in frontlines and it seems the battles are being attritional.

21 April 2019
Map | Latest Updates on Battle of Tripoli, Libya; 20 April 2019

Latest news from Libya frontline

19 April 2019
Libya War Report: Haftar Forces Stalled South Of Tripoli. GNA Fighters Shot Down LNA Warplane