22 June 2019
GNA’s four-engined cargo aircraft destroyed!

Pro-LNA forces shelled Mitiga Airport in Tripoli city and due to this attacks the GNA’s only four-engined cargo aircraft – Antonov AN-124 RUSLAN – was destroyed.

16 June 2019
ISIS’s operations and activities continue in Haruj areas

ISIS terrorists targeted two Libyan National Army vehicles with roadside bombs near Sabha and Tmassah.

15 June 2019
LNA Denied GNA’s Claim About Tripoli Airport

Pro-GNA media claimed that GNA forces captured Tripoli Airport. The pro-LNA sources denied this claim and published a video from the airport.

15 June 2019
ISIS activities in central Libya

ISIS claimed that its cells had clashes with the LNA over the recent 2 days in various locations west of Haruj Mountains, including Tmassah and the Fuqaha triangle.

06 June 2019
LNA Targeted Mitiga Airport

LNA warplanes targeted Mitiga Airport. No reports on damage and casualties available.

04 June 2019
GNA: “No weapons found aboard Iranian vessel at Misrata Port.”

ISWNews Analysis Group: On June 2, the Government of National Accord said in a statement that no weapons were found aboard the Iranian ship that had been seized at Misrata Port on April.

04 June 2019
GNA Casualties in Battles of Southern Tripoli

According to Tripoli local sources, 18 Janzor forces affiliated with the Government of National Accord have killed in the recent clashes in the Al Tuwaysha area southwest of Tripoli Airport.

04 June 2019
ISIS VBIED Attacks on Derna City, Libya

ISIS media, Amaq claimed that ISIS had attacked LNA bases in Derna city with 2 VBIEDs killing or injuring 19 people.

02 June 2019
GNA Shot Down a “Yabhon” Drone!

According to pro-GNA media, a UAE-made drone “Yabhon” shot down in Aziziya area.

29 May 2019
Haftar Delivers a Superterrorist to Egypt!

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Libyan National Army handed the captured terrorist, Hisham Ashmawi, to the Egyptian authorities after a visit by the Egyptian intelligence chief with General Haftar in eastern Libya.

28 May 2019
Latest Updates on Southern Tripoli

Heavy engagements between GNA and LNA forces in Tuwaysha area, southwest of Tripoli Airport.

25 May 2019
Heavy Clashes in North of Tripoli Airport

Heavy clashes for three consecutive days between GNA and LNA continues around Transport camp and Bariah area, north of Tripoli Airport.