25 December 2019
Latest updates on Libya, 25 December 2019

Guardian said there are three thousand Sudanese forces in Libya. Sudanese under support of UAE and Saudi Arabia help Gen Haftar

23 December 2019
LNA threatens Turkey!

ISWNews Analysis Group: Gen. Mismari, LNA spokesperson, reported of spotting Turkish planes flying to Tripoli and threatened to shoot them down.

23 December 2019
Security and military agreement between Turkey and Libya

ISWNews Analysis Group: Turkish parliament passed the bill on security and military agreement between Erdogan administration and Libya’s GNA.

22 December 2019
LNA forces dispatched to Tripoli

ISWNews Analysis Group: Libyan National Army is dispatching extensive forces toward fronts of Tripoli.

21 December 2019
Latest updates on Libya, 21 December 2019
19 December 2019
Italian FM’s Promise to General Haftar

In the negotiations and travels of diplomats of Libya and foreign supports, Luigi Di Maio met with Gen. Haftar in Benghazi.

18 December 2019
Latest Updates on Libya, 17 December 2019
17 December 2019
Fayez al-Sarraj re-visits Erdogan

ISWNews Analysis Group: Chairman of the Presidential Council of Libya and head of GNA, Fayez al-Sarraj met with Turkish President Erdogan in Istanbul again.

15 December 2019
Yemen: Tariq Saleh Rewarding Sudanese Commander

ISWNews Analysis Group: Tariq Saleh rewarded Husein Manzul Hamdan Azraq, commander of al-Ashawis forces (Sudanese forces in Yemen), with medal of honor!

15 December 2019
Latest Updates on Libya, 15 December 2019

Latest news from Libya’s fronts

14 December 2019
Strange Verdict for Omar al-Bashir

ISWNews Analysis Group: Sudan court convicted Omar al-Bashir, former President of Sudan, to confiscation of assets and two years in rehabilitation center for financial corruption and money laundering allegations.

14 December 2019
Breaking: LNA Shot Down a GNA Drone Over the Tripoli Sky

ISWNews Analysis Group: Libyan National Army forces shot down a Turkish made drone in southern Tripoli belonging to Government of National Accord forces.