05 February 2019
Investigating ISIS Activities in West of Asia in the Last Three Months

In this report 930 attacks recorded according to official ISIS statements and Amaq network from different regions. Red color shows higher number of attacks.

28 January 2019
Reviewing Changes and Currents Involved in Libya – Part two + Latest Military Situation Map in Libya

The second review of changes and currents involved in Libya, addressed the issues in a more detailed manner, to make you have a brighter view of the last state of this country.

28 January 2019
The History of Turkey’s Army Entrance to north of Iraq + Statistics About their Bases in Iraq Territory

The history of their entrance to northern Iraq goes back to 1982 and the agreement between these to countries. According to the agreement Turkey is allowed to enter Iraq’s soil up to 20 kilometer.

22 November 2018
Answering Key Questions about Yemen War – Part Two

From how Iranian and Islamic resistance groups support AnsarAllah to the case of Dammaj and the introducing of the leaders of AnsarAllah

20 November 2018
Investigating ISIS Terrorist Activities and Threats in Western Asia – Second Half of October 2018

From 16th to 31st October 2018, ISIS performed 224 attacks in different areas of Western Asia.

17 November 2018
Answering Key Questions about Yemen War – Part One

From how it started to evolutions in al Hudaydah and examination of latest evolutions in Yemen

30 October 2018
What is The Day of Arbaeen?

What do you know about the largest annual peaceful gathering in the world?

29 October 2018
Everything About Yemen West Coast Battle
26 October 2018
Latest Map of Fronts in Syria until 22 October 2018; Everything You Need to Know About the Past 77 Days

Read in this article; investigation of important changes in battlefield during the last 77 days

01 October 2018
Demilitarized Zone in Idlib and Political Game of Russia and Turkey
01 October 2018
Monthly Report on Yemen’s developments 28 September 2018, Seventh Article | Answering Questions and Analyzing the War in Yemen

Recently in media it was reflected due to tension between Iranian and American officials that Strait of Hormuz is not the only strait that can be used to put pressure on US and its allies; but there are many straits, Hormuz is one of them.

27 August 2018
Monthly Report on Yemen’s developments 26 August 2018 – Sixth Article | Front Lines Maps

Investigation of important changes in Yemen battlefield in axes of al Hudaydah, north of Hajjah, Sa’ada and Baydha.