30 December 2019
Latest updates on US attack to Hashad Sha’abi + Video

ISWNews Analysis Group: According to latest information, number of PMU’s casualties reached to 27 martyrs and 51 wounded so far.

29 December 2019
US Announced the Attack on the Positions of the Resistance Forces

ISWNews Analysis Group: The US terrorist command in the region, CENTCOM releasing a statement said that they attacked five positions of Kata’ib Hezbollah forces in Iraq and Syria.

29 December 2019
Breaking: US Airstrikes on Hashd al-Shaabi Forces West of al-Anbar

ISWNews Analysis Group: The official media of Hashd al-Sha’abi reported the US airstrikes on the headquarters of the forces in western Anbar province.

29 December 2019
Bloody Day of Mogadishu, More Than 100 Killed

ISWNews Analysis Group: A car bomb exploded at a checkpoint in a busy area of Mogadishu the capital Somalia on December 28, killing more than 90 people and injuring dozens.

28 December 2019
Rocket attack by unknown gunmen on K1 base

ISWNews Analysis Group: An American contractor was killed and several others were injured in a rocket attack last night on K1 military base in Kirkuk province.

26 December 2019
Breaking: Due to ISIS terrorist attack in Kirkuk, one civilian killed and two other were wounded
26 December 2019
Map: Latest updates on military situation in south of Idlib; SAA retreated from two villages, captured four another villages!

ISWNews Analysis Group: Syrian Army retreated from villages Ghadfa in north of Jarjanaz and Hadithi in north of al-Teh.

25 December 2019
A rocket fired from the Gaza Strip into the city of Ashkelon

ISWNews Analysis Group: After Netanyahu’s arrival in Ashkelon, Palestinian resistance groups fired a rocket into the city Ashkelon.

25 December 2019
Breaking: Shooting down a Saudi coalition spy drone in north of Saadah

ISWNews Analysis Group: Ansar Allah shot down a spy drone belonging to Saudi coalition over Marba’ Shabaka, north of Saadah.

24 December 2019
Syrian Army liberated Barsah!

ISWNews Analysis Group: Following the Syrian army advances in the south of Idlib province, the village of al-Barsah (al-Asha’eriyah) in the north Farwan village was liberated from terrorists occupation.

23 December 2019
Map: The unexpected advance of the Syrian Army in southern Idlib, Jarjanaz liberated!

ISWNews Analysis Group: Following the Syrian Army advances in the southern Idlib province, the important towns of Jarjanaz, Al-Ghaddafah, Abu-Makki, Abu-Dafnah, and Al-Surman liberated from the occupation of Tahrir al-Sham and its allies.

23 December 2019
ISIS Attacks to Iraq-Iran border areas

ISWNews Analysis Group: The 1st Brigade of Hashd ash-Shaabi (PMU) repelled ISIS heavy attacks on the Naft Khana area northeast of Diyala two times.