29 November 2019
Demonstration of Afghan people protesting fraud and recount of presidential elections

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Afghan people held large rallies to protest the fraud and recount of the recent presidential election, at the invitation of Abdullah Abdullah.

29 November 2019
Breaking: Ansar Allah Shot Down a Saudi Apache

The Yemeni Armed Forces spokesman(loyal to Ansar Allah) announced the shot down of an Apache helicopter belonging to Saudi coalition in the Majazah area, Asir border by a surface-to-air missile.

28 November 2019
Latest Updates on Najaf Riots + Video

ISWNews Analysis Group: According to news from inside the city of Najaf, gunfire heard in the city and some have been stabbed in Sadrain Square.

28 November 2019
Breaking: Trump’s unexpected trip to Afghanistan

ISWNews Analysis Group: US President Donald Trump arrived in Bagram Airbase on an unexpected trip.

28 November 2019
Video: Early images of Ansar Allah’s captive plane arriving at Sana’a Airport
28 November 2019
‘No-fly Zone’ over Tripoli

ISWNews Analysis Group: In recent days Ahmad al-Mismari, spokesperson of LNA forces under Gen Haftar, claimed that LNA implements ‘no-fly zone’ over Tripoli.

27 November 2019
Clashes Between GNA and LNA in El-Feel Oil Field

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Libyan National Army (LNA) announced on Wednesday that it had retaken the Libya’s El Feel Oil Field from armed groups loyal to the Government of National Accord (GNA).

27 November 2019
Attack on Iranian consulate in Najaf; Rioters set fire to Iranian consulate in Najaf, Video + Images

According to our sources in Najaf, the rioters stormed the Iranian consulate in Najaf and set it on fire.

26 November 2019
Breaking: Three Rockets Fired Toward Zionist Towns From Gaza

Israeli media reported of intercepting two of them by Iron Dome air defense system.

25 November 2019
Breaking: Airstrike on Turkish forces in Aleppo

ISWNews Analysis Group: Unknown warplanes attacked positions and oil reservoirs of Turkey-led forces in north of Aleppo province.

25 November 2019
Breaking: Firing a Rocket From Gaza to Zionist Town

ISWNews Analysis Group: Palestinian Resistance fired a rocket toward occupied lands and fired at an Israeli quadcopter.

24 November 2019
Syrian Army liberated villages Mushairifah Shamaliya and Um al-Khalakhil in southern Idlib