Central Asia & Pacific
27 February 2020
Trump’s Jinx in India!

Following Indians protesting the anti-Muslim resolution of citizenship to non-Muslim foreigners and Trump’s expensive trip to India, more than 20 protesters have been killed and 200 injured.

25 February 2020
Intercession of Sayyaf and Karzai for peace in Afghanistan

ISWNews Analysis Group: Abdul Rasul Sayyaf, a leader of Jihad era and Hamid Karzai, former president of Afghanistan, met with Abdullah Abdullah and Ashraf Ghani separately to solve the discord between them.

24 February 2020
Taliban have not violated the agreement!

ISWNews Analysis Group: Taliban political spokesman Soheil Shahin in interview with Al Jazeera TV, announced that Taliban is committed to agreement and rejected violating the commitments.

23 February 2020
Taliban violated the ceasefire!

ISWNews Analysis Group: From last night Taliban militias violated the seven days ceasefire by attacking several times.

22 February 2020
Afghanistan: Sar-e Pol under Abdullah Abdullah!

ISWNews Analysis Group: This morning, men affiliated with General Dostum arrived in Sar-e Pol to support the governor appointed by Abdullah Abdullah.

22 February 2020
Temporary Ceasefire Began in Afghanistan

ISWNews Analysis Group: The seven-day ceasefire in Afghanistan has started tonight.

21 February 2020
Taliban’s statement regarding agreement with USA

ISWNews Analysis Group: Taliban reported of reaching to an agreement with USA which will be signed on 29 February 2020.

21 February 2020
USA intriguing in Afghanistan

ISWNews Analysis Group: Zalmy Khalilzad, USA envoy in Afghanistan affairs, and Scott Miller, general commander of American terrorist troops, met with Batur Dostum.

20 February 2020
Where is Afghanistan going?

After announcement of final result of presidential election that Ashraf Ghani is the winner, Abdullah Abdullah, his main rival, called it cheating and a “coup against democracy” and called himself the true winner, in a statement. Ashraf Ghani on the other hand considered his victory, people’s victory and invite other sides to accept the result.

18 February 2020
Latest updates on Afghanistan and Pakistan, 18 February 2020

Due to terrorist blast in a religious gathering in Quetta, 10 people martyred and 35 wounded.

18 February 2020
Afghanistan: Ashraf Ghani was announced as the winner of the election

ISWNews Analysis Group: Election commission of Afghanistan presidential announced Muhammed Ashraf Ghani as the final winner.

17 February 2020
Taliban: Agreement with US will be signed soon

ISWNews Analysis Group: Suheil Shahin, spokesperson of Taliban political branch in Qatar, reported of agreement between Taliban and USA to be signed imminently.