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16 February 2020
Details of US-Taliban agreement

According to latest updates, temporary ceasefire between USA and Taliban will be start in a few days. The ceasefire will be permanent in case the American side is happy with it and then the summit between afghan groups will be held and finally American soldiers will leave.

15 February 2020
Latest Updates on Afghanistan and Pakistan, 14 February 2020

ISWNews Analysis Group: 11 civilians were killed in US air strike on the Sorkhrood town.

13 February 2020
General Dostum threatened Afghanistan administration

ISWNews Analysis Group: General Dostum, leader of National Islamic Movement of Afghanistan, supporting Abdullah Abdullah heavily threatened to form a separate administration.

12 February 2020
Image: Marching on the anniversary of Islamic revolution in the heart of Kashmir

ISWNews Analysis Group: On the day of Islamic revolution in Iran anniversary, people of Kargil town in Kashmir marched spectacularly.

12 February 2020
Announcement of the results of the parliament elections in the Republic of Azerbaijan led to widespread protests

As was been expected, most of candidates close to the ruling party have been announced as winners of election.

11 February 2020
Afghanistan: Explosion and shooting west of Kabul

ISWNews Analysis Group: An explosion occurred outside of Marshal Fahim Military University this morning on the way of students in Kabul city, killing at least 7 people.

10 February 2020
Details of attack on American soldiers in Nangarhar

ISWNews Analysis Group: US defense ministry released names of two American terrorist soldiers killed in recent engagements in east of Afghanistan.

09 February 2020
Clashes between Afghan Army and US troops in Nangarhar

ISWNews Analysis Group: Due to clashes between US soldiers and Afghan army in the Nangarhar province, two US troops were killed and 6 other were injured.

06 February 2020
Latest Updates on Afghanistan, 6 February 2020

A US contractor was captured by the unknowns in Khost province last week.

06 February 2020
Taliban shot down a US drone

ISWNews Analysis Group: Zabihollah Mujahid the spokesman of Taliban informed the downing of a US spy drone over the city of Alishang, Laghman province.

04 February 2020
World Health Organization report on Afghanistan

ISWNews Analysis Group: The World Health Organization (WHO) released a report on the situation in Afghanistan on December 2019.

03 February 2020
Latest Updates on Afghanistan, 3 February 2020

Latest news from Afghanistan fronts and election