Latest news from Yemen; 23 December 2017

Saturday 23 December 2017 - 21:34

Latest updates on fronts + Latest Yemen map


1. With Hadi’s forces advance in Nihm district, Sheikh Ahmad al-Shlif permanent member of Almotamar Party (General People’s Congress Party) and chief of al-Shlif tribe in Nihm declares his alliance with Hadi.


2. In Hayma area in At Ta’iziyah district in Taiz governorate, there is a heavy fight between AnsarAllah and a tribe. Saeid al-Harbi is chief of the tribe and a leader of Almotamar party and does not ally with AnsarAllah. AnsarAllah blast house of the chief.
AnsarAllah besieges villages in Hayma area and are attacking by heavy artillery.


3. Al Sarfa region in Usaylan district, Shabwah governorate, which was the last campaign of AnsarAllah in Usaylan falls.


4. One of “Mushrifin”(Those who are appointed by Ansarullah to oversee some of the affairs) of AnsarAllah has a fight with Sheikh Abdah Habeesh, chief of chiefs in Harf Sufyan district, in his house and injures him and his companions. Sheikh Habeesh is in a hospital in Sanaa right now. The reason of argument is that Sheikh Habeesh insists on safety of Mehdi Maghooleh’s properties in exchange of his arrest but that “Mushrif” of AnsarAllah insists on occupying Maghooleh’s house which results in Sheikh’s disagreement.


5. Saudi alliance spokesperson claims that in the last three months more than eleven thousand troops from AnsarAllah are killed. AnsarAllah has not responded so far.


6. Mohammed Naser Al-Bukaiti, a member of AnsarAllah political board, in his Facebook page regarding corruption in AnsarAllah writes:
“After Saleh, there is no will to stop corruption in country, since Ali Saleh joined us… Hidden corruption is stronger that what I thought and corruption lobby is abusing the occupation of Seyed (AbdulMalik) in fighting Saudi attack… I tell the hidden lobby and corruption in AnsarAllah that I promised God, holy Prophet and believers that I do not sit silent against their corruption…”


7. Mohammed Almakaleh, a famous zeydi activist tweets:

“Alsamad, Almashat, Mohammed Abdusalam and Abu Ahmad are not in power in Sanaa but the corrupted lobby of five organization which had most power. So do not wonder if corrupted politicians, ministers, governors and officials are reappointed. And do not wonder if most people join Saudi alliance.”


8. Ajasher camp and surrounding area in Khab & al-Sha`f district in north of Al Jawf governorate fall to Hadi’s control.


9. Brigadier General Fadhl al Qousi a commander of army loyal to Saleh with some of his troops reaches Ma’rib and joins Hadi’s forces. After Saleh’s death, AnsarAllah besieges Fadhl al Qousi’s house in Dhamar al-Hada tribes prevent his arrest.

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