Details of Ansar Allah missile attack to Saudi coalition base in Marib

Sunday 19 January 20 - 16:08

Defense ministry of Mansour Hadi’s resigned government issued a statement regarding recent missile attack to al-Nasr base by Ansar Allah.

According to the statement:
– The attack was launched yesterday evening by one missile and several drones against mosque of al-Nasr base, north of Marib.
– Forces of fourth brigade planned to move to Aden.
– So far 70 troops were killed and tens wounded.

What comes out of this video and statements from local sources is that the
attack was carried out with the firing of several missiles and UAVs. The missile targeted the area, and the drones, most likely 2K-type, targeted the forces.

Also, according to the latest information we have received, the death toll from the Saudi coalition forces has risen to more than 100.

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