Latest updates on Yemen, 31 December 2017

Monday 1 January 2018 - 17:39

1.Yesterday Mohammed Ali Houthi congratulates missile fire without mentioning its destination in twitter. Media close to AnsarAllah do not mention this fire but Tasnim claims that this missile is fired toward Saudi Defense Ministry in Riyadh.


2.While AnsarAllah media claim that AnsarAllah is advancing in Al Khukhah and controlling it and Mohammed Ali Houthi congratulates it but this city is still under occupation of Hadi’s troop.


3.There are heavy fights in Al Bayda governorate.


4.Another part of Khabb wa ash Sha’af District in Al Jawf governate falls to Hadi’s control. Hadi’s troop reach Yatma and Ber Mahashima areas and have control on the international road from Baqa` (Saada governorate) to Yatma (Al Jawf governorate). Sabrin and Aqbah regions (almost 100 km of the international road) are still under control of AnsarAllah but the access of these regions to Saada and Harf Sufyan through asphalt road is cut.


5.Leaders of Almotamar (General People’s Congress) party put eight conditions to restart their political activities and some of them are fulfilled by AnsarAllah. Finally, leaders of party are ready to continue their activities without interference or pressures from non-party sources under the title “combatting assault and preserving internal unity”:

Funeral for Ali Andullah Saleh

Liberation of non-military and journalist members of party

Finding about relatives and children of Saleh and meeting them facilitation and their liberation at last.

Information about whereabouts of lost people

Issuing a general amnesty by AbdulMalik al Houthi

Evacuation and surrendering the buildings of party

No further attack to houses of leaders of party

Restoring “Qanat al Youm” and other media related to Part

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