Yemen latest news, 18 January

Friday, 19 January 2018 - 20:29
  1. Harrak forces in their rally in Khor Maksar Aden, opposed Tarik and his brother Ammar in Aden. In this rally, there is image of Tarik with a big red cross on it and a caption reads “war criminal”.
  2. AnsarAllah ballistic missile fires to Saudi SAM center in Najran.
  3. Mohammed Al Jaber, Saudi ambassador in Yemen enters Aden on Thursday and says that Saudi embassy in Aden is working normally. Yesterday Saudi deposited 2 billion USD in Yemen Central Bank. This deposit saves Yemeni Rial value and brings it from 500 to 400 Rials for each USD.
  4. UN employs 25 employees in Aden. Hadi’s foreign ministry tries to open more political delegacies in Aden.
  5. Tribal rally in Zubayd and Jarahi districts in Hudaydah governorate and in Jahana district in eastern Sanaa in support of AnsarAllah and eagerness to participate in war.
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