Moghawemat reach Abu Dhohur airbase; ISIS and rebels in siege

Saturday, 20 January 2018 - 17:35

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Resistance troops by advancing in western Khanaser axis and liberating Um Tinah, Aliyah and Um Wadi join troops surrounding Abu Dhohur thus rebels and ISIS are in siege in an area of 1200 km2.

After two days halt of operation due to weather condition, Moghawemat troops and Syrian army advance again and with liberation of Qaytal village and other villages, they join at east of airbase.

This put rebels and ISIS troops in a complete siege in an area of 1200 km2 in southern Aleppo and northern Hama governorates.


Currently there are heavy engagements inside airbase between Syrian Army and Tahrir al Sham terrorists and fully liberation of Abu Dhohur so far is not accurate.

More news coming.

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