Latest updates on Yemen; January 24.

Friday, 26 January 2018 - 12:08


  1. On Tuesday AnsarAllah forces could liberated Markuza Mountain in Nate` district in Al Bayda governorate but on Wednesday it was fell to Hadi’s forces.
  2. Hadi’s troops open a new front in eastern Sa’adah governorate and occupy some villages and heights at the border of Razeh and Ghamr And Zaher districts.
  3. Heavy engagement in the north of Taiz.
  4. The first parliament to hold on next Saturday in Sanaa.
  5. Southern forces entitled “Southern Moghawemat” in their declaration with signatures of 57 commanders warn Aydrous that any military activity in Aden will result in a civil war and opposition will be benefited.
  6. Tariq meets Aydrous and Aydrous promises to military support Tariq. Aydrous extends his one-week deadline to Hadi another month.
  7. Ali Saleh Afash, Ali Abdullah Saleh’s half-brother, accepting Hadi’s legitimacy meets him in Riyadh. Ali Saleh is a former commander in Yemen’s Army.
  8. After fall of Nujayba in the east of Mokha-Khukha axis in western shore, there are engagements on heights overlooking Nujayba. Hadi’s troops decide to put fire on Hays-Maqbana road to cut logistics of AnsarAllah from north of Taiz.
  9. Hamili region between Nujayba and Khaled ibn Walid junction is fallen.
  10. Saleh al Samad meets elders of Hashed tribe.
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