The Third International Festival; American Human Rights

Friday, 26 January 2018 - 13:03

Call for the Third international festival

The secretariat of grassroots campaign (Exposing American Human Rights) with popular and non-governmental structure is calling for the second international festival of American Human Rights using artworks and in cooperation with NGOs for promoting public awareness on human rights to reveal the real face of international human rights claimants.


Call approach:

To create “research-based” artworks with the concept and instances of American Human Rights.


 Call subjects:

– Human rights violations in the country of America.

– America’s human rights violations against Iranian nation.

– Inhumane practices of America in the world.

– American crimes/ American coups/ American terrors/ American resolutions/ American wars

– American democracy/ human rights in United States/ American discrimination and …


Artistic trends of international section:

International section will be held in the following trends and aims to create an opportunity to introduce artworks of artists from other countries in the world to set the stage for global solidarity and protest against human rights violations by America:

– Motion graphic

– info graphic

– poster

– cartoon



First prize of the festival

– Motion Graphics: 1500 $

– Infographic: 1200 $

– Poster: 1100 $

– Cartoon: 1000 $


General rules:

– There is no age limit for participants and participation in exhibition is open to all amateur and

professional artists.

– The subject and theme of artworks must include at least one of the announced matters.

– The right to use the entries in the book, cultural and exhibition series and media is reserved for the


– The participant will be responsible in a case of any artwork copying (imitation or plagiarism) or not

respecting to intellectual property of other people.

– There is no limit on the number of enrolments.

– The submitted artworks should not be awarded any prize in other festivals.

– In case of a request by the secretariat, participants are required to submit modified files or original


– The secretariat makes decision for unforeseen issues.

– A formal photo of owner of the artwork is required.



– Deadline: 5 May 2018

– Closing and show time: the second week of July 2018


How to submit artworks:


– Sending the artwork is done exclusively through this website:

– All artworks must be named according to the following example (must be in English):

First and last name – the number of artwork:         Mohammad Ahmadi-01.jpg


– In case of necessity, the secretariat can also receive the artworks via this e-mail:

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