Ansar Allah attack to hospital or a Saudi coalition military base?

Saturday, 8 February 2020 - 22:59

ISWNews Analysis Group: Since yesterday, pro-Saudi coalition media have released a series of vague photos, claims that Ansar Allah forces targeted a hospital in the al-Jafrah area on the Sana’a-Marib road.

We need to make a few points in this regard:
1. The Saudi coalition in Yemen generally builds its bases alongside hospitals, schools and public places, and al-Jafarah is one of them.
If Ansar Allah targets these areas, they attack the military base, not the civilians.

2. The fabricating of the images is not a hard job. In general, some Ansar Allah rocket attacks reported by pro-Saudis are in question.

3. The Saudi coalition’s statistics on civilian casualties since the beginning of the war have so far been largely unverified. For example, when Ansar Allah announces civilian casualties, they will followed by pictures, videos, names, ages and gender; but the Saudi coalition media only publishes a two-line story and nothing more!

The story of al-Jafra base is just one of the thousands of lies of pro-Saudi media in the Yemen war, so be aware of these news!

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