Video : Moment of targeting the Syrian helicopter by Turkish army forces with using a MANPAD

Thursday, 13 February 2020 - 17:11

On February 11, the Syrian army helicopter was targeted over the Nayrab in the Idlib province and completely was destroyed. In this attack 4 members of Syrian army were killed.

With the footage that were released by militant today, it has been cleared that Syrian army helicopter has been shot down by Turkish army forces.
Due to the released images, this attack carried out from the Qaminas area in the northwest of Nayrab, most likely.
The sky of Idlib region is possessed by the Russian air force and Turkey is not able to use its warplanes for supporting the terrorists in the Idlib region, thus surely after this we will see the equipping of terrorists by MANPADs more than ever.
Of course due to the flight height of the Russian warplanes, this type of weapons are not so effective against the warplanes, but it will create many restrictions for Syrian army and will make the fights more difficult, undoubtedly.

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