Israeli F-16 shot down by Syria over Golan

Sunday 11 February 2018 - 08:50

Islamic World News Analysis Group: On Saturday morning Syrian air defense shot down an Israeli F-16 which attacked some targets in Syrian land.

On Saturday morning Israeli fighters attack a base of UAVs in T4 airbase in the center of Syria and as a reaction to this attack, Syrian air defense unit intercept the assaulters and kill one F-16.

Israel claim that their fighters only attack an Iranian base which controls UAVs in Syria.


Before it, during the operation Israel claim to intercept Iranian drones entering Israel as a breaking news and they are going to attack Iranian bases in Syria to answer this violation…


On the other side, the joint commandment of Syrian allies in a statement decline this allegation and claim that Israel attacked the base for UAVs which were used only to fight with terrorists specially ISIS and played a crucial role in liberation of eastern parts of Syria.

They also claim that today morning Moghawemat drones flew for reconnaissance and attacking the remainder of ISIS in Badiya in Syria and when they were attacked by Israel they were over Sukhna en route to Badiya in Syria and Israel accusation about drones entering occupied Palestine is an obvious lie…


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