About the negotiation between Afrin Kurds and Syrian Government; military support of Afrin

Tuesday 20 February 18 - 09:59

“Afrin Kurds’ negotiation with Syrian Army!”

A title which is used many times by Syrian media and social media and every time it ends with the news of failed negotiation or denial of two sides…

After Turkish Army’s attack to Syria in Afrin, a series of chain incidents take place in northwest of Syria and meaningful happenings for Kurds of Syria primarily which is resourceful …


On one side passive reaction of US about Afrin Kurds proves again that US only enters or has interests in situations which have benefit for them and issues such as fighting against terrorism or helping oppressed people are lies. With current situation US double standard in reacting to incidents of middle east is obvious again but this time Kurds are tasting the bitterness of this double standard!


By equipping Kurds, forming Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and adding anti-government militia to this group as a backup plan(Safety valve!) around Euphrates river in northeast of Syria according to their benefits, Americans take over vast lands and Kurds play the role of American foot soldier very well; but when Afrin is under attack by Turkey, US only condemns the attack and shows off some negotiations with Turkey.


Nevertheless, Resistance (Moghawemah) and Syrian government are not such betrayers to forget the helps of Afrin Kurds in sending supplies to civilian people when they were besieged in Nubl and al Zahraa or even worse to ignore a foreign country attack their land.

In fact, Afrin Kurds have shown their true spirit better than Kurds in other areas during all these years of war in the region and showed a distinct behavior different from others and now is the time to decide correctly before it gets too late..


Therefor Moghawemah and Syrian Army tried continuously to find a solution for Afrin with negotiation but every time a group who still seeks help from non-local powers (!) break the negotiations.

The surprise is that the leadership of Afrin is in the hand of those who do not do anything without US permission although they know US would not do anything to help them even if Afrin is occupied entirely…


There are many lessons in history and people in Afrin should just look at their counterparts in Iqlim Kurdistan in Iraq to know who is leading them…


This does not mean to stop helping people in Afrin, as there are food, medicine and basic military helps such as some ammunition and vehicle are given to people in Afrin to defend their land but heavy military helps or something that can stop Turkish military need agreements and more considerations.


It was rumored that Russia has influences in Afrin but apparently it is not correct or at least they are going by “running with the hare and hunting with the hounds” policy in Afrin.

Russia negotiated with Afrin Kurds before and at the beginning of the “Operation Olive Branch” but were not fruitful however everyone knows that Turkey would not attack to Afrin without Russia silence or green light due to the power of Russia.


Considering current situation, the best option for Afrin Kurds is to get along and negotiate with Syrian Government to avoid occupation of Afrin by Turkey.

In battlefield although the advance of forces led by Turkey is slow,but after a few more step the way to Afrin will be easy for them and they will be at the gates of Afrin, thus Kurds should decide faster.


In the last few weeks media close to Moghawemah released news of successful negotiation of Kurds with Syrian Army but every time it was denied by Kurds.

In fact there were negotiations from the first day so far but it was not completely successful and the news of agreement is a trick to prepare people for the agreement which is only a media trick and it is Iran’s diplomatic system duty to enter the situation and finishes it.


P.S. for pan-Kurdish and pan-Turkish nationalists

Independent stand of Islamic World News Analysis Group toward the happenings in region and its people from the beginning is obvious and it is recommended for new readers of our website to refer to the archive and read articles about previous similar incidents before commenting specially those “pan-“ nationalists.

Oppression is oppression and oppressed is oppressed, there is no difference between people and time and we have tried to support oppressed and against oppression. In the last several months after the conflict raised between Kurds and Turks in north of Syria, this issue is increasing and we are observing the increasing activities of pan-Kurds and pan-Turks.

If our website elaborates about Turkey attacking Kurds of north of Syria, it is not due to enmity with Turks or to support Kurds but to tell the truth. For example, our stand about PKK which makes the western borders of Iran to be unsafe is that they are a terrorist group! But it does not mean to ignore the truth about Turkey attacking north of Syria or pan-Kurds think we are supporting them!

As during the time that ISIS attacked Kobani, we supported Kobani now we are supporting Afrin people and we will be supporting oppressed Turks! if  PKK terrorists attack Turkey’s lands or sabotage…

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