Latest News on Operation Olive Branch, 20 February 2018, People’s Forces of Moghawemah to Enter Afrin + Latest Map

Thursday 22 February 18 - 07:51

Islamic World News Analysis Group, in the unknown situation of whether sending supporting forces to Afrin or no, units of people related to Moghawemat entered Afrin.

Yesterday a number of local forces and Aleppo Kurds with help of Syrian Army entered Afrin among warm welcome of Afrin Kurds. Today more of people’s forces related to Moghawemat enter Afrin using Ziyarah passage.


Al Mayadeen TV broadcasts this reinforcement live; Turkish drones flying over and the route of Turkish military convoy are obvious in the report.


Turkish hostile stand continues still while yesterday Turkey announced that the operation in Afrin will not end and Syrian forces entering Afrin causes a catastrophe.


Today in battlefield, forces led by Turkey advance greatly in different fronts.


In northern front, important villages such as Deir Sawan and Arab Wiran(Boran) are occupied by Turkey and by joining Azaz to Bulbul axis, the north part of Afrin falls completely. In previous days, other villages such as Shaltah, Mersawa and Zeytuna were occupied by Turkey.


In southern front, villages such as Qolki, Diwan Foqani and Madaya and heights of the region and Marwan Foqani & Tahtani, and Helecjeh villages occupied by militants.

With current advances, the threat of occupation is very close to Jindires; if advances in continues with same pace, southern front will fall soon.


In western front, although all the achievements announced by commanding office of the operation are not confirmable but with militia advances in previous weeks, Rajo’s situation is no better than other parts.


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