Video: Turkish aerial images targeting Syrian army forces in Idlib region

Thursday, 27 February 2020 - 23:05

Turkish Anadolu Agency following Turkish army’s heavy casualties due to Russia’s air raid, in a rare act released aerial footages of targeting Syrian army forces and positions.

It claimed that Turkish army killed 1790 Syrian troops in Idlib in 17 days and destroyed 55 tanks, 3 helicopters, 18 armored vehicles and 29 Howitzers.
In case of authenticity of the video, it is proven once again that Turkish army with its direct and indirect support for al-Qaeda in Syria violates international laws and assaults Syrian soil.

On the other hand, Turkish officials obscenely threatened Europe with Syrian refugees again that Turkey will open ground and maritime gates for them to go to Europe… This shows once again how Turkey abuses Syrian people to achieve its purpose.

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