Map: Terrorists expelled of Hama province!

Friday, 28 February 2020 - 18:22

ISWNews Analysis Group: Following Syrian army operation in Idlib region, villages Qastun, Zayzun Jadidah, Khirbat Naqus, Mansurah, Tal Wasit, Ziyarah, Mashik in north of Ghab Plain were liberated.

With these advances, all of terrorist groups have been completely kicked out of Hama province.
Advances toward M4 are continuing while some experts believed that Syrian army would stop advancing in this axis and focus on Saraqib to reduce the front line, however it was proved wrong so far.

Kansafra, al-Barah, Ehsim and Balyun are the strategic villages in Arbaein mountain axis, whose liberation will finish the militants in Arbaein mountain.

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