Ahrar al Sham and Nour al-Din al-Zenki fighting against Tahrir al Sham; rejection of Tahrir al Sham from west of Aleppo

Thursday 1 March 2018 - 08:11

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Syrian Islamic Liberation Front (SILF) by vast advances in northwest of Syria drive out Tahrir al Sham from western suburbs of Aleppo.

On 18 February Nour al-Din Zenki group and Ahrar al Sham by releasing a statement announce a new group “Syrian Islamic Liberation Front”.

After it they fight against Tahrir al Sham group (Al-Nusra Front); heavy and sanguinary engagements which cover all Idlib and southwest of Aleppo.


In these advances, the main units of Tahrir al Sham such as Jaish al Malahim(Jund al Aqsa) and Turkistan Islamic Party do not show much resistance.


The pace of advances is so high that during a few days vast areas of Idlib and Aleppo governorates are out of control of Tahrir al Sham or some of groups which were allies of them, separate due to harsh situation of Tahrir al Sham.


Some of important regions occupied by SILF(or SLF) are including Ma`rat al Numan, Ariha, Mastuma, Khan al Sobol, Many villages in  Zawiyah Mountain, Khan al Asal, Kafr Naha, 111th regiment, Ma`rat Misrin, Darat Izza, Atmah, Deir Semeon, …


In recent advances by SILF all western parts of Aleppo governorates are occupied by them and militia groups in Andan, Kafr Hamra, Hayyan, Bayanun and Huraytan separate from Tahrir al Sham keeping their frontline with Syrian Army in Nubl and al Zahraa axis.


Mediations by Abdullah al Muhaysini, the Saudi religious judge, between Zanky group and Tahrir al Sham are fruitless so far.


Since Zanky group and Ahrar al Sham have better relations with Turkey than Tahrir al Sham and their figure is better than Tahrir al Sham (al Qaeda), SILF by occupying Tahrir al Sham’s lands are paving Turkey’s advances in northwest of Syria in future and reducing political pressure over Turkey due to alliance with al Qaeda.


Is it possible that Turkey started this inter-militia fights to achieve their own goals?!


Statement of “Syrian Islamic Liberation Front” establishment.


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