The strategic importance of Jawf province liberation for Yemeni Ansar Allah

Thursday 5 March 2020 - 10:01

Yemeni Ansar Allah forces in an important and strategic operation that had started it from past weeks, finally were successful in taking control of Jawf province center, and for the first time after Saudi Arabia invasion in 2015, capture the center of an important province. There are some important points about the importance of recent operation and its achievements that we mention them, summarily.

1. Saudi coalition from two past years has focused all its efforts for occupying the Sana’a to the Nihm and Sarwah fronts, and this important front was the only path in occupation of Sanaa for Saudi Arabia and its allies.
In recent operation, Ansar Allah forces cleared this front completely and captured the Jawf province almost completely (the important and main parts of the province).

2. The geographical situation of this province will provide a very good place for firing the Yemeni Cruise and Ballistic missiles, and will cause that Ansar Allah and the Yemeni army have an more effective and accurate firing.

3. Many of Yemen’s important oil wells and underground resources that are in Jawf, came under control of Ansar Allah.

4. The liberation of Jawf province will virtually cause increasing Ansar Allah’s initiative and openning new fronts against the Saudi coalition; this province is coborder with the provinces of Marib, Saadah, Amran, Hadhramout and Sana’a, and this high numbers of fronts will help Yemeni commanders for cheating the enemy and disrupting their concentration, and also will decrease ability of enemy for focusing his forces in a front.

5. The disintegration of Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi’s forces in Jawf, hit a heavy blow to the legitimacy and credibility of Yemen’s former government and many of commanders and other tribes will not have the past trust to his government. For example, after failure of the Hadi’s army in Jawf, military units stationed in the island of Socotra at the crater of the Gulf of Aden that were Mansour Hadi’s allied, joined the separatists of the south of Yemen.

6. With Liberation of Jawf province, was provided a very suitable condition for attack and dominance on strategic province of Marib. If Ansar Allah also capture the Marib, will cut the Saudi’s main supplies path from north to south of Yemen, and only the path of Al Mahrah province will remain for Saudis; also taking the control of Marib is meaning that Ansar Allah dominance on all of Northern Republic of Yemen geography; and also the most main base of Saudi coalition for Riyadh rulers will be destroyed; and practically will happen a certain failure for Saudi Arabia and after that, Yemeni army will take step for capturing the remained regions of Taiz and Aden provinces, with concentration and complete self-confidence.

By A. Taghavinia

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