Latest updates on Baydha front, 8 April 2020

Wednesday, 8 April 2020 - 18:15

ISWNews Analysis Group: Saudi coalition forces are preparing to deploy numerous reinforcement to launch an operation from three axes of north, northeast and southeast of Baydha province.

At the moment the attacks of Saudi coalition in Baydha front are repelled by Ansar Allah. The latest updates:
Saudi coalition attacks in this front in the last few days have not resulted in significant advances. Engagement is currently in Ashar crossroad, north of Baydha.
Saudi coalition artillery bombed Ansar Allah positions and so far no significant ground battle has started yet.
Saudi coalition deployed a commander of Mansoor Hadi forces, general Salih al-Shajeri, with armored vehicles and equipment to Thara area between Lodar and Makiras.
These forces were targeted by AnsarAllah’s rocket a few hours ago.

Saudi coalition warbirds performed more than 40 airstrikes to these three fronts and other areas of Baydha province.

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