Latest Updates on Yemen, 16 May 2020 (Map Update)
Map, Middle East, News, Yemen 16 May 2020

Latest updates on Yemen’s frontlines

1. The Yemeni Armed Forces spokesman:
– In past weeks, enemy forces have carried out more than 10 operations in the al-Jawf, Marib, al-Baydha, al-Dhale, Taiz and Saadah fronts.
– The number of Saudi-led coalition airstrikes in the last week have reached to 258 strikes.
– The enemy warplanes carried out 1,068 airstrikes and more than 86 operations in Yemen, since April 9 until now.

2. The Saudi coalition airstrikes:
Saudi coalition warplanes struck the al-Baydha province 11 times, al-Hajjah province 4 times, al-Khasf region and the al-Shaaf and Khab district 10 times, the Majzar and Madghal districts 17 times, and the al-Sharaf region in Najran one time.

3. Al-Hudaydah:
In the past 24 hours, Saudi coalition forces have violated the ceasefire 52 times in this province.

4. Abyan:
The continuation of the clashes between the Southerns and Mansour Hadi forces in al-Tariyah and Sheikh Salem. The claims of sides about advances are not true.

Interactive map of Yemen

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