PKK militants attack to Peshmerga forces in north of Iraq

Thursday, 5 November 2020 - 10:53

ISWNews Analysis Group: Due to PKK attack in Chamanki area, Amadiyah district, north of Iraq, which is controlled by Iqlim Kurdistan, one Peshmerga troop of Kurdistan Democratic Party (PDK) killed and several injured.

According to Chamanki officials, the conflict started after an explosion happened en route Peshmerga forces by PKK and continued until today noon.

In recent weeks there was a war in media and harsh statements against each other. It started after Iqlim Kurdistan and Iraq government agreement over Sanjar, deploying forces by Kurdistan Democratic Party (PDK) led by Masoud Barzani, to areas in Iqlim which are controlled by PKK, and security head of Sarzir border port killed that PDK accused the opponent of it.

PKK considers Iraq government agreement with PDK and sending Peshmerga troops to north as what Turkey wants. On Wednesday, PKK used the weak point of Iqlim Kurdistan and blew up the oil line of Iqlim to Turkey and took the responsibility in a statement.

It seems Iqlim Kurdistan has too much political and financial troubles specially many employees and soldiers are unpaid, therefore avoids engaging with PKK. The local government issued a statement condemning the attack and claimed Iqlim Kurdistan considers any Kurdish-Kurdish war as killing brother thus it is their red line.

A member of the PDK who was killed by the PKK
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