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Tuesday 23 May 2023 - 17:38

Turkiye Airtrikes Kills 3 In Sinjar

ISWNews Analysis Group – As a result of a drone attack by the Turkish Army on the headquarters of the Sinjar Resistance Units (YBS) in the Snuny town of Iraq’s Nineveh Governorate three YBS forces were killed.

Tuesday 17 August 2021 - 17:53

Two PMU members killed in Sanjar

ISWNews Analysis Group: An unidentified drone strike on a vehicle of the Hashad al-Shaabi (PMU) forces in Sanjar, west of Nineveh province, killed two PMU members, including a field commander.

Thursday 5 November 2020 - 10:53

PKK militants attack to Peshmerga forces in north of Iraq

ISWNews Analysis Group: Due to PKK attack in Chamanki area, Amadiyah district, north of Iraq, which is controlled by Iqlim Kurdistan, one Peshmerga troop of Kurdistan Democratic Party (PDK) killed and several injured.

Tuesday 27 March 2018 - 08:21

PKK Withdrawal and Deployment of Iraqi Forces

Iraq Joint Commandment spokesperson yesterday said that Iraqi Army are established with heavy arsenal in suburbs of cities Sinjar and Senun in west of Mosul, where PKK forces retreated yesterday.