Turkey Have Published a Video that Shows the Moment that One of PKK Commanders Car, being Bombed in Sanjar (of Iraq) + Images

Friday, 17 August 2018 - 13:24

Turkey’s fighter jets yesterday, bombarded some of the regions in Sanjar (of Iraq), which resulted the death of a high ranking commander of PKK, named Zaki Shangali including two other individuals.

These bombardments by Turkey’s fighter jets, were carried out just one day after Haider Al-Abadi, prime minister of Iraq, visit to Turkey.

According to Iraqi sources, Iraq and Turkey reached to an agreement about creating a new border crossing point between two countries in the region of Fishkhabur of Iraq.

Meanwhile region of Fishkhabur is under the control of Peshmerga (affiliated to Barzani) and the Iraqi forces have no control over this region.


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