Syria: Turkey and Russia agreement on Ain Issa

Monday, 28 December 2020 - 19:37

ISWNews Analysis Group: Russian military convoy consisting of armored vehicles and special medical vehicle entered Ain Issa in north of Raqqah province under support of Mi-8 and Mi-35 helicopters.

According to Russian sources, Turkey and Russia agreed to reduce the tensions in Ain Issa and deployment of Russian military police in the area.

Deputy director the Russian Reconciliation Center in Syria stated that with the aim of strengthening efforts to stabilize the Ain Issa region, additional units of the Russian Military Police arrived in the area. He asked the sides of the conflict to cease fire and to reduce the tensions in the area.

The agreement is announced while Turkish-backed forces shelled areas Mushayrifa and Jahbal with artillery last night.

No news if the control of Ain Issa town is going to be given to Russian or Syrian army yet. On the other hand, Ibrahim Mustafa, a Syrian democratic forces leader in Ain Issa denied all reports about the hand over of Ain Issa town to Syria government.

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