Fire Exchange between Syrian Army and Israel Regime; What Happened in Occupied Golan and South of Syria Last Night?

Friday, 11 May 2018 - 14:32

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Last night Syrian Army in retaliation to Zionists attack to Quneitra province, attacked their positions.

In early hours of Thursday Israeli tanks attacked town al-Ba`th in Quneitra province from occupied Golan.

Also Israeli warplane attacked Syrian Army’s positions inQuneitra province.


To retaliate these attacks and also attacks of Wednesday evening to Syria in region al-Kaswah in south of Damascus, Syrian Army attacked critical points of Zionist regime in occupied Golan.

There is no accurate news of numbers of missiles fired toward occupied Golan but according to unofficial sources between 20 to 50 missiles are fired.


These positions have been attacked by Syrian Army:

Military center of electronic and eavesdrop

Secret center of information and surveillance 9900

Military center of electronic counter attack

Military center of eavesdropping of networks in west of Golan

Center of relaying

Center of observation for pinpoint weapons

Military airbase of helicopters

Military base of unit 810 of Israel Army

Military base in Harmoun

Ashtoy military base for special units of winter war


After these attacks, Israel accused Quds Corps of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps immediately. This accusation was declined by Iran and announced that if Iran attacks anywhere, similar to attack to ISIS in Deir al Zur, will be officially claimed.


After that Israeli fighters which were flying actively in Golan airspace on Wednesday, performed a new wave of missile attack to Syrian Army positions in south of Syria.

Russian Ministry of Defense claimed that Israel used 28 fighters of F-16 and F-15 to attack Syria and 60 missiles were fired toward Syrian Army positions.

Israel did not reveal the coordinates of positions which were attacked in Syria.


On the other side, Syrian Missile Defense units intercepted Israeli fighters and missiles.

According to unofficial sources, between 60-75% of fired missiles were intercepted by Syrian Army. After intercepting Israeli fighters and their retreat to the depth of occupied Palestine airspace, Syrian Army’s missiles reached occupied Palestine and Israeli Missile Defense Unit fired 15-20 Patriot missiles.


The severity of engagement and missile firings reduced as approaching the morning and ended by morning.


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