What are the reasons and purposes of the Aden explosions?

Author: ISWNews
Wednesday 13 January 2021 - 21:23

On December 27, with the agreement of the Southern Transitional Council and representatives of Mansour Hadi, a new cabinet of the resigned Yemeni government was formed in the Saudi capital, and the members of the new cabinet were sworn before Mansour Hadi. The composition of the cabinet has been controversial since the Riyadh agreement, and its opponents have so far taken extensive measures to disrupt it, one of which is the numerous bombings in Aden.

On December 30, when the new cabinet of the resigned government of Mansour Hadi arrived in Aden, the sound of explosions shook Aden airport, killing 26 people and injuring 84 others. So far, no group or individual has claimed responsibility for the attack, and the Saudi coalition media, as usual seeks to accuse Ansar Allah and Iran.
The allegations come as the Iranian Foreign Ministry and embassy in Yemen, as well as the Yemeni rescue government, have condemned the rocket attack on Aden airport and denied the allegations.

Following a rocket attack on Aden Airport and drone attack on the Aden Presidential Palace, various parts of Aden have come under attack again in recent weeks. The number of these attacks has reached 15 since the arrival of the new cabinet of the resigned government in Aden on December 30. These 15 attacks are generally bombings, landmines, assassinations, etc., which are different from the methods of used by Ansar Allah, and as mentioned in the past, these attacks can be the work of two groups:

1. The Muslim Brotherhood, whose share of power has now diminished with the removal of two of their key ministers in the Hadi government. During the Riyadh Agreement, out of a total of 24 ministries, half of the ministries were transferred to the Southerners.
Former Interior Minister “Ahmad al-Maysari” and former Transport Minister “Saleh al-Jabwani”, representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood in Mansour Hadi’s government, were ousted. Mansour Hadi also withdrew from introducing “Ahmad al-Issa”, the Brotherhood option for the Ministry of Economy.
In fact, the Muslim Brotherhood in the new cabinet has been severely weakened and this level of isolation could lead to recent actions in Aden.

2- But the other accused are the southern separatists who have problems with the unity of Yemen from the beginning and saw their goal in the division of South Yemen, and this goal has now been seriously overshadowed by the formation of a joint cabinet and the establishment of the government in Aden. This could be the best reason for the recent attacks and explosions in Aden which is similar to previous southerners attacks in these areas.

Right now, this level of sabotage does not hinder the implementation of the Riyadh agreement, and it seems that the next step in the new cabinet of Mansour Hadi’s government is the Joining of the southern military and the army of the current government, as well as the consolidation of their weapons. The aim of this action is to launch new ground attacks against Ansar Allah positions under the leadership of the Saudi coalition.
The coalition’s lack of manpower for a variety of reasons, including the cancellation of direct US involvement in the Yemeni war (following Trump’s defeat in the presidential election), the Sudanese refusal to participate in the fighting, and the inefficiency of Saudi and Emirati ground forces. Therefore there is currently no better alternative for them than the Yemeni mercenaries.

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