Infographic: Six Years of Steadfastness

Friday, 26 March 2021 - 12:36

Yemen Armed Forces spokesman, Yahya al-Sari’ reports on six years of sacred defense against Saudi coalition invasion on Yemeni soil.

The spokesman for the Yemeni Armed Forces, Brigadier General Yahya al-Sari’, on the occasion of National Resistance Day presented the statistics of six years of fighting with the Saudi coalition.

General Yahya al-Sari’:

– The total number of airstrikes carried out by the aggressor (Saudi) coalition against Yemen is more than 266510, which has been nearly a 1000 attacks since the beginning of year 2021.

– The total number of military operations of our forces against the enemies during the last 6 years has reached 12366 operations.

– More than 6192 offensive operations, including 167 operations carried out by our forces in the last two months.

– The number of defensive operations against enemy attacks is more than 6,174, of which 113 operations have been carried out in the last two months.

One of the most prominent military offensive operations of our forces is Operation “Nasr Min Allah” in three stages and a large and unannounced military operation.
Other prominent military offensive operations by our forces include Operation Bonyan al-Marsous and Fa’amkana Minhom, clearing areas in al-Baydha of Takfiri elements, and a military operation in al-Dhale province.
Also, one of the most prominent military offensive operations of our forces is the “Deterrent balance operation”, and in addition, there are about 10 other undeclared military operations.

– The sniper unit has carried out more than 54025 shooting operations on various battlefields, of which 2502 have been carried out in the past two months, killing and wounding thousands of mercenaries, including Sudanese and the Saudi army personnel.

– The engineering unit has targeted equipment, military and armored vehicles and enemy gatherings in more than 10560 operations.

– The anti-tank unit has targeted enemy vehicles, armor, personnel carriers, bulldozers, etc. in more than 6,385 operations.

– The artillery unit has carried out more than 59,852 operations to support, target and repel enemy attacks, of which 638 operations have been carried out jointly with the drone unit.
The artillery unit has used various types of Zilzal missile in its operations, and the number of missiles used has reached more than 10,000 missiles.

– The Air Defense has conducted more than 1,534 operations against warplanes, destroying, confronting, and forcing them to flee the battlefield.
The Air Defense Force has shot down more than 454 aircraft belonging to the aggressor (Saudi) coalition, including warplanes, helicopters and reconnaissance drones.

– The Navy and Coast Guard have conducted more than 34 military operations. In addition to enemy ports and facilities, the Navy and Coast Guard have also targeted enemy ships, warships, frigates and boats.
The Navy and Coast Guard have seized a number of violator ships that entered Yemeni waters illegally.
Among the most prominent naval and coastal defense operations have been the Medinah Frigate, the Saudi-owned Dammam Frigate, and the UAE HSV-2 Swift warship.

– The missile force, with the help of God Almighty, has carried out more than 1348 operations, during which 1348 fired ballistic missiles. Of these, 499 ballistic missiles targeted military and vital facilities belonging to the Saudi enemy and others to the Emirati enemy.

– 849 ballistic missiles target enemy gatherings, facilities, headquarters and centers and its mercenaries inside Yemen. In the past two months, the missile force has fired 54 ballistic missiles at Saudi military targets in Saudi Arabia.

– With God’s help, the drone unit has carried out 12,623 operations, including 1,150 offensive operations against enemies.
The number of drone strikes against enemy targets outside Yemen has reached more than 572 And has targeted 578 enemy operations inside Yemen.
The number of reconnaissance operations has reached more than 11,473 operations.
Since the beginning of this year, the total number of UAV operations has reached 1464 operations, including 1340 reconnaissance operations and 124 offensive operations.

– The Saudi enemy army has suffered more than 1,0403 dead and wounded since the beginning of the aggression.
Since the beginning of this year, 403 Saudi personnel have been killed and injured.

– As of March 23, 2021, more than 1,240 UAE army personnel had been killed and wounded.

– The casualties of Sudanese mercenaries has risen to more than 8,634, with 4,416 killed and 4,218 wounded.

– The casualties among the (Yemeni) mercenaries and traitors are more than 226615 killed and wounded.
Over the past few days, the enemy has acknowledged that in 2020 alone, 18,000 mercenaries were killed and 50,000 wounded on the Ma’rib front.

– More than 14,527 vehicles including armored vehicles, tanks, personnel carriers, bulldozers were destroyed from the beginning of the aggression, of which 9859 operations have been documented by audio and video.

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