Tensions in Qamishli; Russian mediation to resolve the dispute between the YPG and the NDF

Wednesday 21 April 2021 - 13:03

ISWNews Analysis Group: Several members of both sides were killed and wounded in the clashes between YPG security forces (Asayish) and the Syrian National Defense Forces in one of the neighborhoods of Qamishli city.

On 20 April at 22:00 local time, YPG forces stationed at a checkpoint attacked a vehicle belonging to the Syrian National Defense Forces, which led to tensions between the two sides.

Some sources claimed that five YPG forces were killed and five NDF members were wounded in the clashes.

Following the escalation of the conflict, Russian forces have intervened in the city of Qamishli to resolve the dispute between the YPG and the NDF, and talks are currently under way between the two sides, mediated by Russia. The security forces called for the withdrawal of the NDF from al-Tai neighborhood in order to reduce the conflict in the city. So far, the outcome of this negotiation has remained unclear. Also, the Asayish security forces took control of parts of Qamishli neighborhoods.

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