Rising tensions between Asayish and NDF; This time in the city of Hasakah

Thursday 1 July 2021 - 19:12

ISWNews Analysis Group: The arrest of a Syrian National Defense Force commander by Asayish forces has led to escalating tensions in the city of Hasakah.

Syrian security forces arrested several Kurdish residents of Hasakah in retaliation after Asayish security forces in Hasakah arrested a commander of the Syrian National Defense Forces (NDF).

After the incident, the Asayish forces announced a one-hour deadline for the release of these people. However, one day after the deadline, the NDF did not release them and the Asayish forces did not respond. Currently, mediations are underway to reduce tensions and end disputes in the city of Hasakah.

In a similar incident, on April 20, an Asayish commander, Khalid Haji was killed in an exchange of fire between Asayish and NDF at checkpoint in the city of Qamishli. After this incident, the Asayish forces attacked al-Tai neighborhood and took control of parts of this neighborhood.

Russia and the United States fear that the current incident in the city of Hasakah could lead to a repeat of the Qamishli scenario or more intense clashes between the Syrian army and SDF forces in the city which that may escalate and have more serious consequences.

Hasakah Interactive map

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