AnsarAllah advance inside Saudi Arabia’s Jizan! (Map Update) + Videos

Saturday, 29 May 2021 - 20:51

ISWNews Analysis Group: In an operation by AnsarAllah and the popular committees on the southwestern front of Saadah province and Jizan province in southern Saudi Arabia, areas of about 150 square kilometers were liberated from Saudi occupation.

During this operation, which took place in the western border areas of Saadah and south of Saudi’s Jizan, the Al-Khobah-Wadi Jara axis was the main focus of this operation, and other areas were secondary and complementary axes.

During the operation, Ansar Allah succeeded in liberating the areas of Tuwailiq, Tabbat al-Jaish, Qaem al-Saiyab, Tabbat al-Bayda, MBC mountain, Qanbura, al-Asasiyah, al-Sayyabah, Kamala, al-Hataimi, al-Qamameh, al-Shabaka, al-Batul, al-Amoud, al-Sabah, al-Malahit , Tabbat al-Qannas, Safeiyah, Sayyad, Al-Alam, Zahr Al-Hamar, Al-Manzalah, Al-Salam, Al-Kamb, Al-Dafaa Heights, Al-Dabira, Amer mountain, Tabbat Al-Hamra, Jabal Al-Sarkha and Tabbat Al-Soda, which have an area of about 150 square kilometers.

The Saudi coalition had already succeeded in advancing the Al-Zahir administration in Saada province on August 14, 2018, and this progress continued until November 2018 in the Marran Heights. However, due to Ansar Allah’s resistance and the special role of Ansarullah’s engineering units and sniper units on these fronts, the coalition forces failed to stabilize their advance and eventually retreated to the Malahit area and the border heights. Now, with a limited ground operation, these areas, in addition to the Jizan border heights, are under Ansar Allah control.

The difference between this operation and previous Ansar Allah operations is that the Ansar Allah missile, drone and intelligence forces did not have a significant role in the operation and in fact there was no need for their participation; Because Ansar Allah needed a series of false-attacks and ground attacks in this situation, which was well done. Of course, the UAVs have been monitoring the areas and provided them the info they need, but their role is limited, and this victory can be attributed to the Ansar Allah ground forces and it is another masterpiece in the Yemeni war.

Saudi coalition forces fleeing and avoiding to confront Ansar Allah fighters in MBC area during Jizan operation

The moment of the escape of one of the Saudi coalition forces in front of the Ansar Allah fighters, which led to his death by not surrendering and his escape again

One of the heavy ambushes of Ansar Allah, which shows the use of surprise element during the Jizan operation.

Destruction of one of the personnel of the Saudi coalition by Ansar Allah engineering unit during Jizan operation.

Ansar Allah fighters set fire to Saudi coalition military vehicles during Jizan operation. During this operation, more than 29 military and armored vehicles were destroyed by Ansar Allah

Al-Khobah town located in Jizan province from Ansar Allah camera.

Another scene of Saudi coalition forces fleeing and avoiding to confront Ansar Allah fighters. The clash took place in the Tuwailaq area during Jizan operation.

During the operation, more than 80 Saudi coalition forces with Saudi, Sudanese and Yemeni nationalities were killed and wounded, some of which can be seen in this video.

A number of Saudi coalition airstrikes on Ansar Allah positions in Wadi Jarah, al-Amoud mountain and other areas on the outskirts of al-Khoba town, which were liberated during Jizan operation.

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