Iraq: Drone attack on US base at Erbil Airport + video

Sunday, 12 September 2021 - 10:04

ISWNews Analysis Group: Late on September 11, the Iraqi groups attacked US positions at Erbil Airport with at least three suicide drones.

According to preliminary information, at least three suicide drones have been used to target US military positions at Erbil Airport, and C-RAM defense systems have been activated to counter the attacks.

According to the published images, smoke is visible from inside US sector in Erbil Airport.

Also in similar attacks on July 6 and April 15, US positions at Erbil Airport were targeted by drones.

The drone strike on US positions and interests on Iraqi soil which has implemented in the recent months, is a new method of attacks by Iraqi groups against the US occupiers that has deeply upset US officials and, according to the US itself, these attacks have greatly affected US intelligence and military dominance in Iraq.

The US OIR Spokesman Col. Wayne Marotto confirmed the attack stating “at approx. 23:43 hrs (local time) US positions at Erbil Airport were attacked by 2 drones. One drone impacted inside perimeter and another drone was impacted outside perimeter.”

Aftermath of drone attack on US base at Erbil Airport
Erbil Airport
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