IRGC attacks on terrorist positions in Iraqi Kurdistan + Video

Wednesday 11 May 2022 - 15:56

Recently, IRGC security forces arrested five members of a terrorist group in the border city of Baneh, the capital of Baneh County, in Kurdistan Province. According to the IRGC, following the confessions of the members of this terrorist team to their subversive goals and intentions against the security of the Iranian nation, this morning positions of terrorist groups in the northern part of Iraq were targeted by artillery and missile attacks.

According to local sources, IRGC ground forces shelled positions of PKK and PJAK terrorist groups in Choman and Barbazin heights of Iraq in the Sidekan region.

It should be noted that in Summer 2021, IRGC’s ground forces carried out artillery and drone strikes on the positions of PJAK terrorists and other terrorist groups in the Choman and Sidekan areas of Iraqi Kurdistan several times.

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