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Tuesday 11 October 2022 - 07:38

Iran’s warning to Iraq: Remove the terrorist groups from the Kurdistan Region!

After the increase of destructive activities of the terrorist groups based in the Kurdistan region of Iraq against the national security of Iran and the failure of the Iraqi authorities to take the necessary measures to expel the terrorist groups from the area, the IRGC has started a new operation against the terrorist groups in this region.

Saturday 1 October 2022 - 18:27

IRGC missile attacks on north of Erbil

Following the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps against the positions of terrorist groups in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, Bradost Mountain and Hallgord Mountain located in northeast of Erbil were targeted by several missiles and artillery rockets.

Wednesday 11 May 2022 - 15:56

IRGC attacks on terrorist positions in Iraqi Kurdistan + Video

Recently, IRGC security forces arrested five members of a terrorist group in the border city of Baneh, the capital of Baneh County, in Kurdistan Province. According to the IRGC, following the confessions of the members of this terrorist team to their subversive goals and intentions against the security of the Iranian nation, this morning positions […]